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Call-tracking platform discovery phase



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    ITSDev had to develop a flexible B2B platform for tracking and redirecting incoming phone calls. The main idea behind this product was to deliver a high-level marketing solution that can be used both for the internal needs of the client’s company and for subsequent sale to customers.


    As the future product should fully meet the client’s requirements and at the same time be attractive to potential customers and competitive in the market, ITSDev team offered the customer to start with the discovery phase that is the first stage of product development lifecycle.

    To get the best results this product discovery phase lasted 2 weeks (one week for the first sprint and the second one for the iteration sprint). During the first week, hypotheses were generated and tested, during the second one, user tests were analyzed, the hypotheses were corrected and tested again.

    1. This phase helped to arrive at a rapid consensus on important points:
    2. To decide where to start;
    3. To identify the stakeholders and business goals;
    4. To get overall vision and scope;
    5. To spot technical requirements specifications for call tracking platform;
    6. To determine estimated duration;
    7. And to deliver a rough prototype.

    After two weeks the client got 4 deliverables: product vision and scope (document in pdf), estimations (document in pdf), requirements specification (document in pdf) and clickable prototype.

    The Vision and Scope document analyzed the main business requirements (background, business opportunity and customer needs), presented the vision of the solution, listed all scope and limitations. Besides, our team described the system function in the Requirements Specification report and calculated the approximate number of hours to develop each feature for a future call-tracking platform in the Estimations document.

    On the video below, you can see that the working prototype included the basic functions of the solution, such as:

    • The ability to log into your account;
    • Monitor main metrics;
    • Check incoming phone numbers;
    • Launch and manage an advertising campaign and many more.

    After the discovery phase, the customer decided to continue working with us and we moved on to the stage of product design.

    Vision & Scope

    PDFOpen PDF

    Requirements Specification

    PDFOpen PDF


    Go, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Laravel, React, Vue.js.

    Project size

    1 Business Analyst

    1 UX/UI Designer

    1 Senior Engineer


    2 weeks



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