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Call-tracking platform development



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    Our client, a Canadian-based affiliate marketing agency, turned to ITSDev to develop call tracking platform. The main features of a new solution were to be:

    1. Ability to track call conversions from marketing campaigns;
    2. Maximize revenue of advertising campaigns;
    3. Ability to create tracking numbers from multiple carriers;
    4. Call insights about call duration, source, keyword, etc…
    5. Call analytics in real time;
    6. Call attribution, knowing the source that clients came to know your product or service, and increasing the campaigns that drive most value.

    The main technical issues of the future product were:

    • The number pool service (dynamic numbers) generated a large number of requests (UPDATE) to the database.
    • The SaaS version of the program accumulated a large amount of data in the millions. MySQL database did not cope well with data volume over 10 million.


    The full product development process included 4 stages : discovery phase, product design, mvp development and product development.

    Solving technical problems, our team settled on the RabbitMQ queue broker. This helped to get rid of a large number of synchronous database queries and to perform most of them in the background.

    For replication, it was decided to use a “columnar” database from Yandex ClickHouse and migrate data to it.

    ITSDev delivered a product that is designed to collect statistics and provide control over the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Besides, the solution bundles the activities of partner networks, traffic sources, affiliate marketers and advertisers. The platform’s functionality allows all users to see their analytics in order to be able to optimize costs and make decisions about making changes to their work.

    The main functions of the system are:

    1. flexible configuration of incoming calls redirection;
    2. keeping statistics and analyzing advertising campaigns;
    3. graphical display of analytical data;
    4. generating reports for clients;
    5. monitor main metrics;
    6. account management and many more.

    On the technical side:

    • the application is a SaaS platform built in the form of SPA (single page application);
    • integration with payment systems and blockchain platforms;
    • clustering to increase system fault tolerance;
    • microservices based on Lumen for routing incoming calls through the cloud platform;
    • some services are written in Go;
    • integration with Pixel and Webhooks;
    • Redis is for speeding up work with data and in real time;
    • various testing methods: PHPUnit, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, Load Testing.

    The call-tracking platform is transferred to the new company Klodyme Limited, based in Cyprus. We continue this product development, at the moment our team is working on a new version of the platform and the product team has grown to 8 people by now.


    Go, PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Vue

    Project size

    1 Senior Back-end

    1 Middle Back-end

    2 Senior Front-endv

    1 Middle Front-end

    1 UX/UI Designer

    1 Team Lead

    1 Business Analyst


    8 months



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