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Landing page platform discovery phase



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    Our regular client, a Canadian-based affiliate marketing agency, turned to us to solve the following problem: we had to figure out how to automate the business processes of launching advertising campaigns and as a result to reduce the workforce and save money.


    ITSDev offered the customer to analyze the current state of the workflow and find the best solutions to these issues. During the discovery phase, that lasted 1 week, our team plunged into the entire process of launching and operating ad campaigns and identified all limitations and critical parameters of the current system:

    • At that moment most of the processes were done manually.
    • To increase the number of campaigns, the client had to hire and train more and more people.
    • There was a high risk of human error and mistakes due to possible employee carelessness.

    Thus, it was decided to develop MoneyPageApp, a landing page management system helping users to automate the back-end setup (domains, server, domain, cloaking, analytics) and easily run automated ad campaigns.

    By agreement with the client, he got 3 deliverables after the discovery phase: architecture specification (document in pdf), requirements specification (document in pdf) and clickable prototype.
    Our team (Business analyst, Senior developer and UX designer) described the system function in the Requirements Specification, all technical details in Architecture Specification reports and created the Product Map.

    On the video below, you can see that the working prototype included the basic functions of the future solution, such as:

    1. The ability to log into your account;
    2. Monitor main metrics;
    3. Launch and manage an advertising campaign in automatic mode;
    4. Schedule automotive ad campaigns and many more.

    After the discovery phase, the customer decided to continue working with us and we moved on to the stage of MVP development.


    Laravel, Vue, Golang, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ

    Project size

    1 Business Analyst

    1 UX/UI Designer

    1 Senior Engineer


    1 week



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