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What is outsourced IT support and why does your business need it?

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Disclaimer: Outsourcing in IT is a set of services that can take your business to a new level.

Outsourced support of the information technology of your business is the practice of delivering services relating to software and hardware by professionals who are not employees of your firm. The scope of functionality of the outsourced support is wide. The number of employed team members may also vary significantly depending on the requirements of the business interested in outsourcing. In this article, we will focus on the services that can be trusted to an unfamiliar team and the favorable conditions for those services to be applied.

First, let’s dig deeper into the terminology. New possibilities appear fast in the modern IT sector, so it is crucial to understand the subtleties of every service and tool offered to you by the contractors.

Outsourcing is the process of bringing external help to your project. Usually, companies or businesses are interested in delegating minor or routine tasks to outsourced teams to be able to concentrate on something more challenging. Outsourced teams are often compensated for their time on the project, and they handle various tasks that may be isolated from the project’s primary working activities, such as call center labor. Sometimes, exploiting employees from a different country may lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication in the team and can turn out to be quite costly.

A more modern and increasingly popular alternative to outsourcing is managed services providers (MSPs). MSP is a true “partner in crime” for your business. It is a team of experts that offers turnkey solutions and entire pieces that your company is missing. They usually work in close cooperation with the rest of the team, carefully collecting the requirements, developing solutions, and presenting the finished product. As a result, their work is focused on the product rather than the amount of time spent on your project.

IT support from ITSDev

ITSDev differs from hundreds of companies on the market offering IT support. The peculiarity of our services lies in the fact that we offer a full cycle of product development and support after the release. We start with a discovery phase, which gives us preliminary project information and identifies at a very early stage the main hypothesis for MVP. The development process is transparent and can easily be divided into manageable chunks. So, the customer can order only one part of the process and continue with their own efforts or address other experts. ITSDev also offers post-development support. Thus, our customers are not left alone with a complete solution. We can provide a full range of post-launch activities, from creating knowledge bases, call scripts, and documentation, to the onboarding processes, quality control, and performance evaluation.

Does my company need outsourced help?

Here are some questions to consider while contemplating the use of remote assistance. Answer them from the standpoint of your firm, and you could uncover a flaw that requires immediate remedy.

  1. How critical is data security in my business and how well is it managed?
  2. Do some of my team members work remotely, and who takes care of their technical needs?
  3. Is our company utilizing cutting-edge technology? Is it easy for us to compete in the market?
  4. Are all the staff members satisfied with their performance? Is there sufficient training and team-building events?

By delegating some processes to external support, you will free yourself for more exciting tasks. The reasons for turning to the help of a third-party include a lack of time to form a team of experts or train the staff, a limited period of time before the release, or an insufficient level of competence. ITSDev can provide your company with a team of experts and a manager to work with them. Furthermore, if you are in a hurry, we can organize the workflow in three shifts, and we guarantee our team’s cutting-edge degree of competency.

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What can outsourced IT support do for my business?

The range of available services varies depending on the provider. ITSDev is ready to assist your business with the following domains:

  • Data security. Your customers need it so they can trust you.
  • Cloud technologies. It can significantly increase the storage space and improve the administrative operations.
  • Saas application development and backend for mobile applications. You may have no IT department in your company, everything will be done for you.
  • Customer support. You may discover how to make technical professionals’ jobs more efficient.

How is the outsourced support work organized?

The scope of work will include the following steps.

  1. Planning. At this stage, the requirements are gathered and the strategy of work is planned depending on the goals that you wish to achieve.
  2. Cooperation mode. At this step, you decide how you would like to communicate with an outsourced team, what channels of communication you prefer, what working hours you set, and whether the cooperation will be held online on some platform or whether offline sessions are also required.
  3. Team building. This is the part about the team allocation. How many team members do you need? Is it okay for you if they speak a different language? What are their responsibilities going to be? What do you expect from them?
  4. Service delivery. This is the main part when the job is being done. All of the procedures are open and transparent. You can either observe or participate in the activities to ensure that you understand the processes.
  5. Assessing results. The final stage is when you decide whether the goals have been achieved and what steps need to be taken further.

Bottom line

The option of outsourcing technical support opens up opportunities for further development. Outsourced support nowadays entails not just answers to a variety of tasks, but also a whole bundle of services. By trusting your business to reliable companies, you will get working processes and improve the performance of the team. If you are interested in the prospects of outsourcing your business, please contact us.



April 20, 2022


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