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How to build and manage an outsourced team?

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If you need a software or an application, you can choose between your own development team and establish all work processes within the company or find an outsourcing partner. In this article we will describe the situation when a company already has its own IT department, but a team extension may be needed anyway.

Any business may look for a team extension for a number of reasons:

  1. Searching for new developers or designers on its own takes a lot of time, it is a laborious process, sometimes almost impossible due to very high competition within the country.
  2. The company lacks technical expertise to work on a new product or in a new direction.
  3. For a very complex project, only the best specialists in this field are needed and they can be found abroad.
  4. The enterprise wants to improve the skills of its own team through the skills of the external team while working together.
  5. On large projects where security is very important (data, source code, and so on), one may resort to distributed teams. The entire development process is divided into several parts between the teams, so in the event of a leak, only a small part of the data can go outside and this does not threaten the overall work.

So you decided not to expand your own team, but to find specialists on the side. In this case you can face a choice: contact an outsourcing company for help or hire people on the freelance website. The choice in favor of the outsourcing company can be made because of:

  • The company cares more about business processes, offers comprehensive services that meet the terms agreed with the customer.
  • Reputation is very important, therefore, usually everything possible is done to make the client satisfied.
  • The team of specialists worked together, unlike the scattered specialists from the freelance website.
  • Usually the company bears more responsibility to the client than freelancers.

product development discovery phase

Once you have found an outsourcing partner with the right number of developers/designers/other specialists of the right level of skills, interviewed them and started the development phase, you may be faced with the question of how to manage this extension team. Clients can insist that the project manager (PM) be on their side. But based on our experience, it is often more profitable to have a manager on the side of an outsourcing company for the following reasons:

  1. PM personally knows the whole team, all their strengths and can delegate tasks in such a way to get the maximum effect.
  2. Local supervision and motivation can speed up work and save time for the customer.
  3. The client gets a simplified communication process as he communicates with 1 manager instead of different representatives of the team.

If you still have questions about team extension / distributed teams or are looking for specialists for your project, fill out the form below and our managers will contact you shortly.



March 15, 2022


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