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Calloptimizer MVP development



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    The MVP phase of Calloptimizer was one of the stages of the whole product development process for our regular Canadian-based client.

    This affiliate marketing software was intended to optimize ad campaigns for generating calls. In addition, big data amount should be collected in real time online to analyze the effectiveness of these campaigns.


    Our team delivered the following features for Calloptimizer as the minimal viable product functionality:

    1. Collecting statistics on calls;
    2. Collecting cost statistics from traffic sources;
    3. Displaying cost information for 1 incoming call;
    4. Exporting flexible reports.

    On the technical side:

    – SaaS platform for affiliate marketing in the form of SPA (single page app);

    – Popular Framework Vue.js for Front-end part;

    – Redis docker for speeding up work with big data amount collected in real time;

    – Various testing methods: PHPUnit, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, Load Testing.

    For MVP project ITSDev team developed the following functions of the system:

    • Keeping statistics and analyzing advertising campaigns;
    • Graphical display of analytical data;
    • Account management and many more.

    After completing the MVP programming and testing the application, our team continued to work on the solution, adding new functionality and features.



    Laravel, Vue, MySQL, PostgresQL

    Project size

    1 Senior Back-end

    1 Middle Back-end

    2 Senior Front-end

    1 Middle Front-end

    1 UX/UI Designer

    1 Team Lead

    1 Business Analyst


    2 months



      Head of Sales

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